The Elegant Splendor Of Mother Nature

Over the last few days,  by the Divine and Infinite Grace of God Almighty, I have had the great fortune to undertake short morning walks in the forever reassuring shelter of the most warm and tender bosom of Mother Nature! A truly exhilarating experience, so to say! Who said that life is boring and monotonous? If you have the eye to see things as they are, life is very beautiful! There is no need for any World War, Cold War, Ethnic War, or any other War of any kind! With whom are we competing? One has to compete with oneself! If that is won, then there is absolute peace and tranquility. There is a place called “The Sea Of Tranquility”. It is not on Earth, but some other planet, I suppose! Is there a place called “The Ocean Of Tranquility” on Earth? Is there any way to create that ocean? Fortunately, that ocean is inside us! The human mind is an Infinite Ocean Of Tranquility!  The ferocious battle within the human mind has to be won, and if that victory is achieved, everything else falls into place! There is infinite peace everywhere! There is no need for any competition of any sort, in the outside world.  By the term, “Outside World”, what I mean is the materialistic world, where there is absolutely no value for the evergreen and eternal spiritual/moral principles! If the inner conflict is resolved, then everything else falls into place. As Ralph Waldo Emerson has rightly said, “Look at Mother Nature! Her secret is patience”. We, the humankind, should be having lots and lots of patience, in abundance! Because, where there is patience, there is GOD! Where there is no patience, even The God Almighty is helpless! Let’s take a vow/pledge, “Let’s not test the patience of God Almighty! Well, I’ve started making sincere attempts, in right earnest, to put into practice the aforementioned vow/pledge. I am doing my humble part! Wishing all my fellow beings, wherever they are in this beautiful world, A Very Very Wonderful Day! Enjoy Life! Lots Of Love and Prayers!